Server Status August 11

Update 2:35pm: Everything is back to normal. Our apologies for any trouble.

We are currently experiencing an issue with our infrastructure hosting. The current time is 1:16pm EST. We will update this post shortly with more information.

Our apologies for any trouble,
Web Based Cron

3 Comments on “Server Status August 11”

  1. Tim says:

    I have CRON tasks that are scheduled to run every minute.
    Since 20:00 GMT on 21 Aug, they seem to be running very irregularly – maybe every 3 or 4 minutes.
    Are you able to investigate please?

  2. Tim says:


    i’ve noticed that the webbasedcron site is returning DB Error: connect failed every so often. i guess this is the reason why CRONS are running irregularly.

    please advise when it has been resolved.


  3. webbasedcron says:

    Hi Tim,

    Sorry for the trouble. We were experiencing some issues with a load balancer we were working on. The problem should have been fixed now. If you experience any more problem please contact us.


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