A big step forward

Hi everyone,

Last night we flipped a switch to improve the long-term stability of the WebBasedCron architecture. To make a long story short we moved cron job execution, the database and the web server on to separate boxes. Some of you may have experienced a few hiccups – but everything should be running smoothly now. If you are experiencing any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Web Based Cron

4 Comments on “A big step forward”

  1. Teste says:

    testing post… I need know the time of your server because I m in Brazil

  2. webbasedcron says:


    Our blog is hosted off WordPress, so what your seeing is there time. WebBasedCron is in Eastern Standard Time. When you login to WebBasedCron, we have our exact server time.


  3. 1radio says:

    WBC Site has been down for about 5 hours.

  4. webbasedcron says:

    Hi Tim,

    Sorry for any trouble, we posted an update: https://webbasedcron.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/server-status-nov-4/

    Indeed this issue had us down for a period of 5 hours. Everything is back to normal. My apologies for any problems.


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