Changes to email settings coming

Hi everyone,

Update (Apr. 10 5:20pm EST): RSS Feeds are now active.

As of right now, a WebBasedCron user will receive an email if one of the following 3 things happen:

  1. When they register WebBasedCron will send an email asking to verify the email address
  2. Every 5 failures the user will receive an email notifying them that their cron job failed
  3. The user can set the cron job to email them on every successful execution

As WebBasedCron has grown we have been increasingly sending out a substantial number of emails that many relay services could misinterpret as spam. This is completely understandable and from our end (WebBasedCron) a better solution needs to be implemented to ensure we scale properly.

Over the next couple days we will be implementing the following changes:

  1. No emails will be sent out for cron job failures. The only email sent out will be when the cron job is shut off because it surpassed its maximum allowed failures.
  2. A user will not have the option to receive email notifications of each successful execution.
  3. Every user will now have an RSS feed that they can subscribe to that will give them up to the second information about their cron jobs.

You will be able to subscribe to this RSS feed and see, for example, the recent cron job execution times and the number of failures. Even if you don’t use an RSS reader, most browsers like Fire Fox and Internet Explorer parse RSS feeds and present the content in a readable format. So just bookmark the URL and view it at your convenience.

I understand that for some of you this means more work to watch and maintain your cron jobs, but this change will ensure WebBasedCron scales and continues to provide world-class cron job support.

More info is coming.

Web Based Cron

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