Server Upgrade & Changes

Hi everyone,

Earlier in January our current server reached its peak capacity and became in need of being upgraded. We have spent the last couple weeks getting things together, and we are now ready to perform the upgrade.

Cron jobs will not go down. If anything, cron jobs will be down for at most 5 minutes. It will take approximately 24-48 hours till the domain name ( will be available world wide.

A few changes which will take effect:
– We now support https:// URLs. Sorry for the delay if you needed this.
– You can now have cron jobs with more than 1 URL parameter. There is no limit on the number of URL parameters now.
– All cron jobs will have now have 60 second max execution time and 100 max failures before the cron jobs will be deleted (as opposed to 30 and 10). If you need more, you can always open a support ticket.
– Cron job execution notifications will include a maximum of 255 characters of the output.
– If the cron job is executing every minute, the max execution time it can have is 60 seconds.

Thank you for your patience,
WebBasedCron Team

One Comment on “Server Upgrade & Changes”

  1. […] All cron jobs now have at least a 60 second execution time and 100 max fails allowed.  Our server is running on Eastern Standard time now, if this affects your cron job, please update it immediately. If our downtime caused any trouble, please let us know, and we will accommodate you any way we can. Please read our blog post below to learn more about the changes to the server: […]

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